Thursday, August 18

Scrapbooking Embellishments for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge August Guest Designer

My Embellishments

I made these embellishments with my August Counterfeit Kit inspired by all the embellishments you see below. I had fun making all the layers. I made the scallop base with my Nestabilities die. I think I'll use this file folder as a journaling card on a layout.

Below are the talented ladies who inspired me to create this project:


Tutorial by Tara Anderson on the Crate Blog

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Embellishment Stickers by Tara Anderson

Embellishments by shopevalicious

Yummy handmade paper and button embellishments by chocolatecupcake

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Must Be Love Valentine/ Love/ Romance Embellishment Stickers by SpicemixM

i go....stickers by evalicious

Check out more projects at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Mr. Linky! Come join in the fun!!!

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Blossom inch said...

Julie, first of all I should give you a standing ovation. What an awesome embellishments...done by you and the rest of the girls! fabulous work indeed, these are huge inspiration for me to get going this weekend! thank you so much for sharing your fab work babe!

Jimjams said...

Beautiful embellishments JA - and thanks for sharing the sources of your creativity. Awesome!

LOL - just spotted that the word verification is "Handefun" - how appropriate!

Ali said...

All gorgeous, love the inspiration but I like yours best!!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Oh how awesome! I love them all! What a great way to use up the bits and scraps we always have left!

Artful Hands said...

Those little babies are ridiculously cute like, "Make me wanna get up outta my chair NOW and go try some" cute. I love-love them! Thanks for posting!

Miss Misi said...

Love it! Great layering!

Lisa said...

I immediately pinned your little file folder and I LOVE it! such gorgeous little beauties - thanks for the inspiration.

Margie said...

Wow! I love the inspirations, but yours are my favorite!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are fantastic and give me a really good use for my oval scallop punch! I especially like the first set. Thanks so much for sharing.

S said...

Those are so cute. Lots of eye candy in this post - thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

Love your pretties! Beautiful!

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