Friday, July 15

Homemade Smash Book It's Okay: Just Smash It All In! Summer Mini for Counterfeit Kit Summer Challenge

 Are you smashing? Yes? No? Don't have a clue what I'm talking about? Something that is a new trend in scrapbooking is a Smash Book, sold by K & Co. and all it's accessories. Here is an excellent video presentation from CHA 2011 by Noell Hyman of paperclipping, where she shows you several Smash Books and explains the whole concept:
And for you scrapbookers who have been around for a long time and just don't get the whole Smash Book trend, you might enjoy reading Shimelle's blog post "True Thoughts on Smash Books and Scrapbooking." It's exactly why I'm making my own instead of buying one, as I have not ordered or purchased any of the Smash products. Yet. LOL

At the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog, they have declared a Summer Long Smash Book Counterfeit Challenge.  There are lots of ideas at that link. Last year I loved making a Summer Journal from my class with Kara Haupt. So I thought this challenge would be great to make another summer journal. I used my Main Counterfeit Kit for July.
The cover is corrugated cardboard with a vintage book page, handmade flower, and thickers.

The inside cover is a collage of papers, and the journal card folds down. On the right, the envelope is attached to the transparency, actually it is from a magazine as it was out of a perfume ad.

 On the left, the journal card folds down. On the right, lots of journaling space.

On the left, a large envelope to put in memorabilia. On the right, tags, doilie, and Note To Self.

 On the left, space for smashing! On the right, a library card, scrapbook papers, and more space for smashing. Plus a stamped tag that looks like my Bichon Frise dog. xoxo (I bought the stamp on Etsy.)

Lots of space for smashing on the left. Tags, photo frames, notebook paper, and transparency on the right.

Final page is a collage of papers, tags and stickers.

And because I love Pinterest so much here are Smash book Ideas I've bookmarked there. Enjoy!

Smash book with Panera memorabilia

The Entire Brilliant Line

Smash Folio Page

Retro Smash Clips

Smash Mini by Amy Tangerine, the fabulous one and only

Smash Page

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Smash book / junk journal by fandhmom (inside)

Source: None via Margrethe on Pinterest

Smash-book thus far by Margrethe Johnsen

More washi tape (Smash Book by K & Co.)

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Smash book by Karin Lindholm

Smash idea

Thanks for visiting! xoxo

See more Counterfeit Smash Books in the Comments section here.

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S said...

I like your book. There are just so many possibilities - everybody should try smashing! Thanks for a really great post.

helen said...

Great book - I love all your different papers and ephemera - lovely colours too!

jennifer said...

I love how colourful your smash book is, especially the coloured book rings. Fab! x

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I love, love, love your handmade smash book!!! The binder rings are perfect, who needs a bind-it-all?!! I love how yours is decorated, and thanks for all the fabulous tips and ideas!

curlyqmosaics said...

Your book is "smashing" Julie Ann! I love the intense amount of detail, all the imagery and of course all the brilliant colors! I have yet to buy any of the Smash products either, but that little dude with the mustache and tie is just too fun!

I hope the summer is treating you well! :)

scrappysue said...

If I had a tenth of your creativity Julie Ann I would make my own, but alas ..... LOL! Yours is simply gorgeous, thanks for sharing and for all the shared peeks. x

Linda said...

Thanks for a great and inspiring post. I love your smash book. The bichon stamp is adorable. I keep going back and forth on whether or not to make one for this summer. I want to but I need to find the time to just make it.

Tara O said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!

Bill said...

Holy cow! This is interesting! I may have to try making one. I just subscribed to your blog by email. :O)

Tammy said...

Love your book Julie. I'm a huge fan of taking all the fun elements, punching a hole and adding a book ring. Easy and looks great. Thanks for all the examples - there are some talented ladies out there. I haven't bought any smash stuff YET either. They have some cool new stuff coming out though.....

Jimjams said...

Your book is almost too lovely to deface by adding stuff to it - hope you enjoy filling it up!

Ann Cicilie said...

This is gorgeous! Love all those yummy details! I have a green Smash book, love it :)

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