Tuesday, June 21

Curious about Art Journaling?

Click Here To Find Artist Credits

If you are curious about Art Journaling, but aren't convinced yet that it's for you....check out my article today that I blogged at tangiebaxter.com: Art Journaling 101 - Why Art Journal?

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Sandra said...

Oh my gosh, I can't thank you enough for the link. I adore seeing other people's art journals, but necpver think I could ever achieve results like them, plus I don't have a clue how to, or where to start. So later today, when I have a coffee break I'm going to have a really good read of that link. Thank you;)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great post today Julie Ann!! I loved it and reconfirmed all the reasons I art journal. I started with Dina Wakley and never looked back! This makes me want to go splash around with paint today.

Tammy said...

Great article! I never thought art journaling was for me until I took a class that included some. I did the project and found that I really do enjoy getting messy sometimes. I've been doing more and more and I would agree that the more you exercise the muscle, the better you get! :)

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